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Ditch Boring New Year’s Resolutions And Get Fizzical In 2022

Let’s be honest: How many of us have ever actually followed through on a New Year’s resolution? And not just for a month or two, but successfully added it to our routine and it’s stuck? We think it’s safe to say probably not that many of us — and not because of a fault of our own.

While most of us have the best intentions with our New Year’s resolutions, we set goals that at their very core are just not fun. And because they’re not fun, they’re not achievable. However, we can’t deny that it’s appealing to start 2022 off with new goals and a fresh mindset. With this in mind, we’re adopting a can-do attitude and taking it literally with the New Year’s resolution to have fun and get Fizzical.

While canned wine is exploding in popularity, we have to admit our Cru made Fizzical for ourselves. As a team of young wine drinkers, the convenience of the on-the-go packaging was undeniably alluring, as we’re a Cru who can usually be found bebopping from one activity to the next.

And with Fizzical, you don’t have to stop drinking wine to get fit. Being fit looks different for everyone — all bods are winter and summer bods and all that jazz. If your idea of being fit is prioritizing your mental health by enjoying quality time with friends on the couch, Fizzical wants in on the fun! Or, if you’re the type of mover and shaker who already has your weekend hikes mapped out from now until the summer, Fizzical can’t wait to be added to your backpack of gear.

Basically, Fizzical is all about celebrating wins both big and small. At the end of the day, hard work deserves a reward. So sweat it out (literally or figuratively) and get Fizzical later by continuing to live your best life in 2022.

Might we suggest starting with sporting Fizzical at your local ski lodge? As snow finally falls here in the U.S., trust that Fizzical goes where you go to do what you do. An icy snowventure on skis or a cozy fireside sesh are both our ideas of the perfect Fizzical activities.

So what are you waiting for? Crack open a can of Fizzical to hear your wine talk. You never know, it might just be the New Year’s resolution words of encouragement you’ve been looking for. Happy New Year! Cheers!