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Please enjoy our brands responsibly.

Please enjoy our products responsibly. 

eStCru is a proponent of responsible fun. Our products are best enjoyed when following a few ground rules.

Age: To view this site, follow our brands on social media and to enjoy our products, you must be of legal drinking age. We ensure that all of our informational and marketing materials are targeted and accessible only to those of legal drinking age. 

We love to connect with our fans on social media! However, because we take our commitment to responsible consumption seriously, we cannot allow any posts that contain the following: 
People who are under the legal drinking age, or who appear to be under the legal drinking age.

A post made by someone under the legal drinking age. 

Any post that encourages anyone under the legal drinking age to purchase or consume alcohol or that appeals to anyone under the legal drinking age. 

Encouraging overconsumption or faults anyone who does not choose to consume alcohol.

Promotes irresponsible drinking.

Associates in any way alcohol with any activities that require a high level of awareness, such as driving or operating heavy machinery.

Implies that consuming alcohol will lead to any specific psychological or physiological effects or benefits. 

Flaunts the proof or intoxicating power of a specific alcoholic product. 

Insinuates that alcohol consumption will lead to any particular benefit or success. 

Relates alcohol with violent, aggressive or illegal behavior. 
Degrades the image, form or status of any group of people.

We reserve the right to take down any social media post that breaches any of these guidelines, at our discretion

Visit http://www.responsibledrinking.org for more information on how to enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverages responsibly.