Progress and Innovation in the Industry

From farming practices and sustainability to diversity and inclusion,

We are committed to supporting progress and innovation in the industry – no matter the price point of a bottle.

what we do

We make and distribute wine

But we are different than most companies. We work with underrepresented winemakers and wine regions. We provide the grapes, the facilities and the marketing strategies to grow brands, promote regions and invest in progress and innovation in the industry.

We believe representation matters

who we are

Providing a platform

With decades of experience building brands and elevating experiences, we believe that the best way to advance the industry is through our support of progress and innovation.

We are located in Sacramento, California with our wine facilities in both Lodi and the Petaluma Gap region of Northern California.

who we are

Our goal is to provide opportunities to rising winemakers and represent the underrepresented

Amplifying through branding, wine styles and your unique point of view.

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