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Hi. We’re eStCru. Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

What is eStCru?
We are a new wine company. We like to think of ourselves as a rowdy bunch of underdogs trying to do something different with wine.

Why wine?
First and foremost, we’re wine drinkers. When we say we LOVE wine, we’re not joking around. Our Cru hails from a variety of backgrounds in different industries. Despite these differences, we bonded over how much we f**king love wine. Our passion for wine is second to none — except for maybe letting our creative juices flow. Fortunately, wine is a super creative space, which is why we cannonballed into the biz on a mission to add some imagination and flair.

Whether we’re blending and bottling, vision-boarding a new label, or strategizing our social media takeover, we’re all about infusing some fun into the wine space. Because that’s just it: Wine can be kind of stuffy, self-important, and intimidating to the average wine drinker. But most of us drink socially with our Crus and have fun while doing so. This is why we’re excited to break away from the traditional wine mold in order to invite every type of wine drinker to share in a welcoming, approachable, and relatable wine experience.

Why do you call yourselves memory curators?
We all hold memories near and dear to our hearts. So our question to you is how many of those memories involved your Cru and a bottle of wine? Probably too many to count, right? For many years to come, we want our wines to be on the fringes of the next batch of your memories. It’s that simple.

Why do you source from so many different regions?
eStCru is not your traditional winery. We source from some of the most recognizable and sought-after wine-growing regions in the U.S. of A. And, we find our wines to be so tasty that if it doesn’t blow our socks off, we aren’t putting it in a bottle for y’all.

In all that we do, our Cru is just trying to leave the world a little better off than we found it, which is why we are intentional about the regions and grapes we source from. Oftentimes, this means partnering with sustainable vineyards and eco-friendly bottling facilities and finding ways to minimize our carbon footprint.

So, I see I’m welcome at your table and already have a seat. But what does this mean?
It means exactly what it sounds like! We’re welcoming everyone to our table because everyone should be able to enjoy a wine they relate to. Wine as an industry hasn’t always been the most accessible. We’re trying to change that by helping all wine novices, drinkers, and enthusiasts from different backgrounds explore great wines that tell their story.

This idea came to us when our Cru was kicking back around the literal table in our office. We were drinking one of Erica’s wines and just shooting the shit when it dawned on us that making wine more inclusive didn’t have to be a dream of ours. We could make it a reality by partnering with exceptional winemakers and starting a company inviting anyone and everyone to join us in delighting in delicious wines.

Each of our wines was created to build community. While we can’t invite everyone to indulge in a glass at the Cru table that started it all, we can encourage each and every one of you to reserve a spot at our tasting room in Windsor. Come visit us!

Are your wines actually for anywhere at any time?

What about a wine for my best friend’s ex-boyfriend’s great-grandmother’s 90th birthday party?
Absolutely! The ex-boyfriend might be a cheating lying scumbag, but you can’t take it out on his great-grandmother by gifting her bad wine. This is why we recommend selecting a wine she can savor and enjoy, like any of Clothesline’s whites or Staring at the Sun Carignan.

Even a wine to bring to ___?

Even ___! Seriously, fill in the blank! When we say ‘anywhere, anytime wine’ we really do mean it. From terrible, horrible, no good very bad days to amazing, joyful, absolutely the very best days ever, and every kind of day in between, we have a wine for any and all experiences.

Okay, but what if I don’t know enough about wine to know which bottle to buy?
No problem at all! In the words of our winemaker Erica Stancliff, “Quality is in the eye of the beholder.” Meaning all that matters is if you like the wine you’re drinking. While this doesn’t necessarily help you pick out a wine to buy, it’s our sly way of saying you can’t go wrong with any of our varietals. We hate to humblebrag, buuut each of our wines is delicious.

We also recommend thinking back to a wine you had at a recent dinner or party. Did you enjoy a red, white, or sparkling? See where that memory takes you in our online shop. If you’re still unsure, there’s no shame in the label-shopping game. In fact, we still purchase wines because we thought the label was badass. It’s why we try to make our labels badass, too.

How do I join the Cru?
You’re already a part of it! But it also doesn’t hurt to try us out and give us a follow on our socials. The old adage of “If it’s not Insta official, are you even friends?” is alive and well with us.