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Be Our Valentine And Gift A Bottle Of Wine To Your Cru

Roses are red. Violets are blue. There’s still plenty of time to gift wine this Valentine’s Day and maybe even a corkscrew.

Flowers are overrated. And chocolate? Been there, done that. Valentine’s Day might not be your favorite holiday, but there’s no reason to turn down an excuse to make the most important people in your life feel special. Because there are so many different ways to love those around you, you can’t just give them all the same gift. Unless the gift is wine. More specifically, eSt Cru wine.

Our collection of wines offers something for everyone, which means you can stock up on Valentines for all of your loved ones at our online wine shop. Seriously, one of the best ways to show your adoration and appreciation is to say “I see you and I love you” with a bottle of wine that fits perfectly with the person you’re gifting it to.

However, and we promise we don’t mean to brag, there are a lot of wines in our shop to choose from. To help make V-Day shopping easy peasy, here are our recommendations:

  • A little lie never hurt anybody, especially if that lie is to spend a night in sin lying with your flame of the month and a bottle of The Devil’s Lie. Trust us, they’ll be swooning over this juicy, bold, and opulent malbec — just as much as they’ll be swooning over you.

  • If you feel the DTR (define the relationship) conversation coming from your FWB (friends with benefits), you’ll need some clarity. Overt Chardonnay is as crystal clear as a wine can get, with rich flavors and lush experiences in every bottle.

  • Platonic relationships are just as important as romantic ones, which is why your gals and pals will appreciate a bottle of This Rosé is Fetch on Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day. It’s a delicious way to say they’re a fetch friend.

Some additional goodies:

  • Lone Star Wine Co.’s Texas wines will be how your down-to-earth partner tops off a day of hard work.

  • Clothesline wines are straight out of your cottagecore bestie’s daydreams.

  • Staring at the Sun will be a bottle your foodie sweetheart totes around to all the best restaurants in your city.

  • Fizzical sparkling wines are what is missing from the travel pack of your always-on-the-go beau.

Although, who are we kidding? You know your Cru of baes, boos, and buds better than anyone. So follow your heart while perusing our store to gift each and every one of your Valentines a bottle of kick-ass wine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!