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eSt Cru Is Our Name And Intentionality Is Our Game

Let’s get one thing straight: Our Cru isn’t looking to fit in. From the early stages of concepting sourcing, and crafting to the final stages and finishing touches, we’re doing things our way to ensure our wines are truly exceptional.

We owe most of our uniqueness to our winemaker Erica Stancliff, who has a low-invasive, minimalistic approach and winemaking style. With each of our varietals, Erica uses yeast to start the fermentation process. Then, to complete fermentation, she only adds all natural and organic energy nutrients and SO2 to stabilize the wine. Throughout this process, Erica does not fine the wine, (which is typically where animal products come into play) meaning our wines are considered vegan!

In addition, we don’t source our grapes from just one winegrowing region. Early on, we fell in love with the lush terrain of Oregon’s Willamette Valley and imagined how to produce a transparent label from minimal intervention winemaking. We admired the vastness of the Texas High Plains and brainstormed how to capture its grit and mettle. We reflected on Lodi, Clarksburg, and Sonoma County in California and thought about how to honor distinguished techniques and practices while still treading our own path.

With all of these regions and more in mind, we realized our goal. We want to usher in a new era of winemaking by bottling the whimsy and wonder of discovering a new varietal, label, or region. Many wine drinkers know there are so many Appellations worth exploring. We’re trying to help those who are curious find a way to do so in one convenient place without leaving their homes.

But this doesn’t mean we throw a dart at a map to pick just any ol’ place. We are intentional about the regions we’ve selected, as each boast something unique thanks to varying climates, weather patterns, and more. And we partner with small growers and ethical vineyards dedicated to responsible winemaking. The result is a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your Cru.

Though some labels in our collection are the same varietals, they each offer something unparalleled because they herald from distinct regions. So try them all. See what you like. Notice how different a Malbec from Lodi is compared to a Malbec from Clear Lake, and savor those differences. If you fall in love, we won’t say we told you so! …Okay maybe we will, but in a fun way ;)